It’s a mad world. We’re always busy, always strenuous. But amidst the frenzy of everyday life, there is this one special place. Our home, the eye of the storm. It’s the only place to be truly at ease and be ourselves. Our aim at Stilst is to help create calm homes. To contribute to gentle interiors by creating corresponding furnishings.

And yet, life is change. As we evolve and move through various stages of life our needs for our homes do too. Our products have a way of a adapting to those changes. They can be moved, extended, folded or transformed. And above all, their collected look makes them timeless and easy to fit in to any contemporary interior.

Stilst is a design brand with an optimistic outlook and is part of a new era that is currently unfolding. A world with a new-found appreciation for small-scale, for dedication and for integrity. The times are changing and so are our lifes. Stilst products are manufactured in various countries in Europe by small-scale firms and craftsmen. Local, age-old firms like a wooden tool handle manufacturer and a metalworking company, both family-owned businesses in The Netherlands.

In line with our vision, the Stilst collection grows organically and in small steps. Stilst strives for collaborations with like-minded designers, makers and resellers. Designers whose work shows composure and ingenuity, makers with skills and passion for what they do and resellers with shops in special places with a focus on atmosphere and products. In addition we cordially invite everyone to browse through our Stilst online shop (under development).


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Voorhaven 57
3025 HD Rotterdam
The Netherlands
tel: +31 (0)10 2602110