STEEL folding chair

The STEEL folding chair is made from ash wood tool handles. ‘Steel’ is the Dutch word for handle, hence the name. Handles of brooms, rakes, spades etc have been used. The handles are first painted white and where the seat and back rest have been carved out, the clean wood becomes visible again. The simplicity of the chair reflects the everyday nature of what it’s components were intended to be used for.

Ash is a commonly used type of wood for quality tool handles due to it’s excellent properties. The wood is one of the most resilient and therefore allows us to create a chair with such a minimalist look. The seat parts are connected by a concealed steel rod. Ash wood is harvested from responsibly managed forests in Europe. And above all, ash wood has one of the most beautiful hues and textures of any hardwood.

dimensions: 46x47x77/46 cm
colors: white
materials: ash wood
price: on request








steel chair dimensions