SPLIT floor lamp

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The SPLIT floor lamp owes its name to the opening along the length of the stainless steel lampshade. The opening allows the shade to tilt and rotate independently around the light source. The light bulb is stationary but you can direct the light in any way by adjusting the lampshade. The interior of the shade is mirror polished contrasting wonderfully with the matte white exterior. The opening continues in the ash wood cap on one end of the lampshade. The cable is concealed inside the ash wood pole and the cone shaped foot. This concrete foot has some soft buffers underneath to protect the floor.

dimensions: ~140 cm;
colors: white;
materials: inox, ash wood, concrete
price: 795 euro

SPLIT vloerlamp

SPLIT vloerlamp (prototype)

SPLIT vloerlamp

SPLIT vloerlamp

photos: Peter van Dijk