HIL side table

A variation of our round HILT side table is one without the T-shaped handle. Hence the left-out T in the product name. In English a hilt is the handle part of a sword but in Dutch it is also used as a word for the cross bar at the end of a spade handle. At the HILT side table we used it as a handle to easily lift it up and move it around. So at the HIL side table we left out this handle. It works well in case you want to be able to put a plate or platter on the table. And it does not loose any of its charm and elegance. The bent ash wood leg and the stainless steel foot make up a balanced structure that will keep this round side table steady on most every floor.

dimensions: 40x40x60cm;
colors: white;
materials: ash wood, stainless steel
price: 219 euro

side table design

photo: Peter van Dijk