STILES wall decoration

STILES is a wall decoration of diamond-shaped pieces of plywood. With these plywood tiles you can create a mesmerizing pattern of hexagons meandering across your wall. Play with them to create a personalized wall decoration. The tiles are made from laser-cut sheets of birch plywood. Creating a pattern of hexagons will make it look like a 3D image of cubes. Each tile of a hexagon is place under an angle thus the light reflects differently. It makes some parts seem lighter than others even though each tile is cut from the same sheet of plywood. If you move along the tiles you will notice that lighter parts become darker and darker parts become lighter.

The composition of tiles is both graphic and sculptural. And it is not bound to a frame. The tiles are available in sets of 15 pieces and it comes with a roll of double-sided adhesive tape. The pictured composition has 45 tiles.

dimensions: 19,2 x 11,2 x 0,3 cm;
materials: birch wood
price: 30 euro per set of 15 tiles

geometric wall decoration


geometric wall decoration

photos: Peter van Dijk