SLIM shelf

Slim is a neat shelf in kitchens or bathrooms. To store herbs, oil or soap for example. The ash wood holders can be fastened to the wall by an inserted hanger bolt and an added plug. In case of a tiled wall you can place the holder right at a crossing of joints. The length of the shelf is 45 cm so it lines up with pretty much every tiling. This is the distance between the holes in the wall, the over-all width is 48 cm due to the thickness of the wooden holders. The holders have a groove in which the shelf can be inserted.

dimensions: 48 x 12 x 3 cm;
colors: white;
materials: wood
price: 39 euro


SLIM Shelf-02

SLIM Shelf-05

slim shelves

slim shelf

slim shelf

designed by: Reinier de Jong
photos: Peter van Dijk & Reinier de Jong