interior design

colors at home

How to add colors at home is an important issue when creating a gentle home. It does not take an … »

minimal pendant light

natural & neutral

Neutral, light tones with natural elements like wood form the basis for a pleasant, contemporary interior. Shades of whites and … »


mixing textures

mixing textures

A clean, white interior can be very boring. The secret to making a light yet warm interior is mixing textures. … »

plant a plant

plant a plant

Plants are back in contemporary interiors. According to Joost and Danny of Pikaplant: ‘A plant rich environment makes people more … »

change your home

ash wood

ash wood

Most wooden parts of Stilst products are made of ash wood. But how do you recognize an ash tree? Ash … »


pk 22

touch of vintage

A touch of vintage adds character to your place. The timeless quality of aged furnishings can work really well in … »